About us

ProEngCon GmbH was founded in the year 2000 as an electrical engineering office in Berlin. We are known to facilitate the synergy of our comprehensive know how with state of the art engineering tools and technological excellence. Our core competencies are not only in the areas of power generation, power distribution, switch-gear & control-gear for high- middle- and low voltage systems and drive and control engineering. We are also a competent partner in the areas of control- and automation technology.

What we offer

We offer our customers well founded knowledge of planning and construction of electrical equipment to create turnkey solutions for industrial facilities. Furthermore we are able to facilitate our massive project skills in the area of EMSR. We are able to plan and create process engineering systems at an international scale. We know and understand the worldwide norms, codes of practice and technical specification standards for system design and documentation.


since the foundation of our company we had our focus on the creation of system documentations for high-, middle- and low voltage control systems. During that time happened a technological leap through the integration of highly specialised IT systems and software in system documentations for electrical engineering. The use of CAD/CAE-systems for the creation of electric circutry diagrams created an additional need for highly skilled and qualified workers. We could fill in this gap and our CAD teams where able to support many customers with the creation of system documentations. This is still part of our portfolio and our teams deliver highly efficient performance..

Our customers

We have customers in all areas of the electrical industrie. Large enterprises as well as small and midsized switchgear manufacturers. Our prominent market position in the field of electrical system documentation is based on the trust and satisfaction of our customers. Part of our success is, that we only accept projects with a complexity we can manage and match to the knowledge and skill level of our team.


Our team consists of highly qualified engineers with many years of experience. Our workers are continuosly encouraged to enhance their knowledge and offered the opportunity for further qualification. This creates the high quality standard we represent in the field of electrical system documentation. We prefer short decision making procedures to quickly adapt market needs. We are proud to meet agreed due dates and delivery schedules.

Contact us: +49 (0) 171- 5155-745